Friday, August 01, 2008

"Happy Firday"

My neighbor is coming over today so we can finish up the wrapped Hershey bars. We are now doing 150 instead of 200. We are almost done with them. They are turning out great. We are also going to do 150 peppermint sammiches. She punched the scallops and stuff the other day and she will bring them over for assembly soon. I will be stamping tonight. So get ready!!! I feel like such a slacker with my posting lately. Remember when I would post every day? LOL Yeah, me too. Now I am posting 3-4 days a week. What the heck is up with that? I really like the daily posting way better. I know you all do too. So I will get my butt in gear and be a better blogger. Have a great Friday.


Sandra Smart said...

I do not blame you for taking those little in between breaks...blogging is hard work! So we appreciate what you do anytime you do it!

kat said...

Making all the sammies and wrapped hershey bar thingies is work enough! I know when you do post on your blog it will be worth the wait!

Michelle said...

Hey Rochelle - don't feel bad. I've been AWOL for two weeks! Your blog is fabulous, and certainly worth the wait. Your creations are inspiring.
Michelle SBS10