Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Moving Day Is Almost Here

Ok, the past couple months have been such a whirlwind. I came back to MN for my grandma's funeral last week and Katie and I drove down to Iowa to find us a house to rent. It is harder than I thought. I can't seem to find more than 4 places to look at. So we have expanded to town homes and apartments. I have 4 appointments today so wish me luck. I fly back to California on Thursday to get the house stuff all in order and then close on the house in a couple weeks and drive to MN to get my girls and go to our house in IA. I am leaving the girls with grandma while I go back to CA. So, I won't be posting for a while but you can bet as soon as I get settled and unpacked I will be back to stamping. I miss it so much. Thanks for sticking it out with me and being patient while I have been away. Can't wait to re-connect with you all again soon.
Take Care,