Friday, July 23, 2010

"My New Stamp Room"

Well, we are finally all moved in and settled in Iowa. I absolutely love it here. The only thing I don't like is the humidity. I really miss my dry heat. I haven't done a whole lot of stamping since we moved in. My two youngest are in softball and that pretty much consumed most of my free time. The girls all have adjusted well here and they love their school. It's so different for them than when we were in Cali. They take a bus to school and home, they have hallways (indoor school) they have lockers and swings on the playground. They said that they are going to a school like they see on TV. They only went to school for 2 months before summer vacation but I did get a chance to make the teachers a little something and I also made something for the bus driver. I have to locate the pictures though, they are on my old laptop, then I will post them. I also made a gift set for each of the 12 girls on Sarah's softball team. I didn't make anything for Molly's team this year. I didn't have much time or enough paper. Oh well, her team will get them for sure in the spring. Thanks for sticking with me in my absence. I miss you all.