Friday, June 06, 2008

"A Couple Days Off"

I am taking a couple days off from blogging so I don't have anything to post today. I have my class tonight and I am getting ready for that so I hope to have something to share this weekend. Thanks for understanding and happy stamping. See ya soon!


Margaret S said...

Hi, soon-to-be BIRTHDAY GIRL...*smile*

Oh - so that's why nothing was posted, yesterday - the 5th??? I was wondering what happened.

ENJOY!!! the couple of days off (if that's possible).

I can't wait to see what your project is, tonight. You will be posting it - won't you???

Have a good calss...and weekend!!!

Margaret S

Melissa said...

Enjoy your time away!


Sandra Smart said...

Enjoy your weekend! But you will be missed!

Lauri said...

Enjoy your weekend!! and get ready for your birthday!!!!!

Lesly said...

Enjoy your "blog vacation". Take care and I look forward to seeing your "stuff" and being inspired again soon.

Nancy said...

Enjoy your time off doing whatever you like! Rest and relax.

Sara Paschal said...

Enjoy your free time, can't wait 'til you come back.

Doris said...

Enjoy the break! Meanwhile, when you get a chance, you've been tagged on my blog!

Latisha said...

just stopping by to say hello