Saturday, November 01, 2008


The girls had such a good time trick or treating last night. It rained practically the whole time but no one cared. Here are the pumpkins that the girls carved.

These are my two little ones. Sarah and Molly. Molly had a fever and only lasted up and down our street before she wanted to go home and go to bed. Poor girl. She seems to get the crud on all the holidays. She had fun though.

This is Katie (on the left) and her two friends from school. They went trick or treating with some friends and we met up with them later. Katie's shirt says "Good Witch" and her best friend Erika's shirt says "Bad Witch"

This is the group of neighbors that we went trick or treating with. It was a blast. I don't have anything crafty to post today. I am going to look at my new car today and possibly take it home. I don't know. Then I have stamp camp this afternoon. So if I will post what we made tomorrow.


Catherine said...

great pics..TFS!

Courtney said...

Oh this looks like so much FUN!

did ya get a car?