Monday, April 21, 2008

"I'm Back...."

And I had a blast. I left LA Sunday around noon and got home at 7:00pm. Long drive but as you can see by the pictures a very beautiful one. I stopped at the Pyramid Lake Visitor's Center on my way home. I have always wanted to stop and check it out. So I am inside looking at all the pictures and the info and they have three drinking fountains there with a big sign that says. Taste California's Liquid Gold. So I took a drink. It wasn't what I expected, it turns out that California's "liquid gold" is water, not beer. LOL

The hill sides were peppered with orange and purple flowers. I don't know what kind they were but they were so pretty. Also the whole drive down there are orchards and vineyards on both sides of the freeway and you could smell the blossoms from the trees. It was so pretty. It reminded me of my Jasmine plant at home. The smell was intoxicating. It was almost like I had a truck full of flowers, but in between the bouquet of freshness you would have some farms and all you could smell was cow crap and it made you want to throw up. Good thing that the next mile was back to orchards. LOL
I always crack up when I go to LA. Some random things are just funny. Like the random dust tornado's in the middle of no where. I saw at least 10 of them. Literally in the middle of no where. I also think that the tumble weeds that are half the size of Volkswagen bugs are funny when they cruise across the freeway, the single oil well in the middle of the city of Burbank. It is a couple blocks from the High School right down main street. It totally doesn't belong there. I also like the bases of the signs in the freeway in LA. They are lined with barbed wire so that the taggers can't spray graffiti on the signs, Oh and another funny thing is that people carve their graffiti in the side of the dirt hillside through the canyons. I love the drive cause it makes me laugh. Good times. I do have more pictures and I will post them later today.


Margaret S said...

It never made sense to me, why someone would want to drvie several hours to southern CA., instead of flying. Now, after viewing your pictures and reading your blog, I can understand. When you fly, you'd miss "seeing" Mother Nature, in all her beauty. Besides, who'd believe you saw tumble weeds as tall a VWs, and an oil well in Burbank - where movies are made.

I'm glad you had a safe and entertaining trip, as you laughed along the way.

Margaret S

Lauri said...

What a great drive! If you have the time, driving is always so much fun because you see so much! Glad you made it back safe!

Latisha said...

I died laughing about the cow crap smell. My kids die when we pass all of those cows, the smell is terrible. But, the vineyards make up for it.

Margaret said...

My first post (I think) at your blog; been lurking for awhile.

You triggered all sorts of memories for me with your comments about driving in So. Cal. I remember oil rigs and orange groves in the 60's in So Cal, before the freeways were built and most everything was paved over.

It's nice to know that some of California's beauty survives.

Margaret transplanted to Florida

Doris said...

Love your photos. We stopped there too on our way through Calif. a few years ago. My favorite spot is the Sequoia Forest--anything that makes my hips look smaller by comparison...

Thanks for the memories!

JoAnna Goodman said...

Love the scenic pictures -- they are beautiful! Glad you're back safely!