Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Rub-On Candle"

So, I tried rub-ons for the first time at stamp camp last weekend. Can you say FUN!!! I didn't want to stop. We made two cards with rub ons (which I will share tomorrow) and I rubbed on a Starbucks Frap bottle, and this candle. Let me tell you, I thought I would never try them, I didn't think they would look cool and they would be too much work. I was wrong. They do look cool and they aren't too much work. They are super easy.

Now I wish I would have got some with my sale-a-bration stuff. I guess I will just have to buy some now.
Accessories: Rub-ons, candle, Popsicle stick


Alexandra said...

Love your candles - I love our new rub-ons, they totally rock and I put them on everything - LOL! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Melissa said...

I haven't tried them either but your candles sure tempt me to!

Many Blessings,

Catherine said...

oh, i have to try this out on looks beautiful =)

Lee said...

Ooooo..........just gorgeous!! I just got some rub-ons too!!

Lauri said...

Wow ! I like this! You have been one busy lady!

Jennifer Orbaker said...

Love the candle with the rub ons~ Can you show us your frap bottle too, please!!!?