Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I know that I have been MIA since Easter. I don't know what is wrong with me. I swear ever since we got a new dining room table, I haven't been able to stamp as frequently as I would like. I do not have a stamping room so before we got the new table, I would keep some of my stuff behind the table and the rest of my stuff in tubs a built in cubbie next to my table so I could just grab some stuff and stamp. Now we have a pub style table, which is a high table and it is bigger than our other one. This one is a giant square that is pushed up against the wall. So I can't keep my stuff in the open, I have to have it all in the tubs and it is a hassle to take it out. I feel like I have lost my mojo again. I am trying to get my stuff together for my stamp class April 4th. I have 3 out of the 5 cards prepped but I am still trying to come up with another card. I haven't posted them because some of them I have posted before. I guess I am casing my own stuff this time. I am also trying to figure out what to do for stamp mania. I like to do a 3D item instead of a card for the shoebox swap. This year they want all 3D projects approved prior to the stamp mania. I got my first project rejected. Which makes me kinda mad. Apparently they want the 3D projects to have as many supplies as if you were making a card. My thought is if you are going to approve the projects then you should approve the cards too. Sorry, I am a little bitter on this one. This is my 4th stamp mania and we never had to get a project approved before. One year I did a wrapped Hershey bar, the next year I did a covered 3 x 5 notepad and I threw in a beaded pen, last year I did a shaker magnet. This year I wanted to make the gum holders. I think they are so cute. But I got shot down. It wasn't big enough and didn't use enough supplies. So I decided on doing the pull up m&m holders. That got approved but now that I think about it, that project actually is more supplies than a card plus each one uses 24 inches of ribbon. I don't know if I want to do that one anymore. The shoebox swap is for 10 people plus your sample, 4 extra ones for the people running the event and extras for people that might make a mistake. I do have my shoebox swap all prepped but I might change my mind and do a wrapped Hershey Bar instead. Last night I thought maybe I would do a card holder. I want to use the tart and tangy set. I don't have a lot of current SU stamps so it is hard for me to come up with something cute with what I have. So I made two different samples of card holders last night. One was orange and bashful blue and the other one was orange and red. They both looked hideous. So if I can't think of anything fun to do I guess I will have to do the m&m holder. Sorry I am rambling. AGH!!! Ok, I am going to pull myself together here.

I have been tagged by Marie over at The Perky Pomegranate. 7 random things about me.
1. I have been stamping for 3 1/2 years
2. I have 6 Webkinz (3 actual animals and 3 that I won from trading cards)
3. My favorite food is bacon cheeseburgers
4. I love the smell after it rains
5. My birthday is on the first day of summer (and the longest day of the year)
6. Before I was a stay at home mom I was a waitress at Red Lobster for 11 years
7. I am a gamer. I LOVE video games!

I would like to tag the following people.
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Melissa said...

Oh Rochelle! I'm sorry to hear that your original idea was turned down. I love them, but I also love all of the 3-D items that you create!

I hope you can carve out a little creative space for yourself sometime soon. I don't know about you, but I just don't feel like myself when I'm not able to make something!

Many Blessings,

Doris said...

While I was using my dining room for stamping, I stored everything in tall iris carts that I could pull up to the table when it was time to stamp. Then they could be rolled away against the wall. Have you tried this? Another suggestion is to think "up" and use the vertical wall space above the table.

Thanks for tagging me with something I haven't done before--I'll be posting it soon. Meanwhile, I hope you'll think of ways to de-stress your stamping life. Maybe you need to cut some of your participation in challenges that don't lift you up and just concentrate on making things you like instead. You have such creative talent, and I'm sure you can put it to good use in ways that would also lift someone else up!

Lee said...

Rochelle......I'm so sorry to hear about the stamping space....it's not fun at all to lose your mojo!! And I've never been to a shoebox swap....but I'm starting to have issues with some folks that seem to want so many "extras" and freebies?? My df went through that too. I dunno........something strikes me as not quite fair. And then to put pre-approval rules....your stuff is always FABulous!! I'd love to see the gum holder....that sounds fun!!!

Hang in there!!! And about those facts......I also have some Webkinz...aren't they addictive??? Hugs!!

Amy said...

Hey girl! You tagged me! That is exciting. I can relate to your stamping conundrum. We are trying to move and the "office" (half of which is my stamp space) is getting hit hard with packing and sorting and it is crazy! So, I think my products that I actually get to keep out while the house is on the market will go upstairs into my craft closet that I used to use before I had so much stuff. I know I won't be stamping as much and it is just SAD. :(
I hope the stamp mania is fun. I have never been to something like that and would love to do it. Whatever you create will be fabulous. It does sound like the directors are being a little controlling of the projects though. Just put on a happy face (that generally makes our hearts happier) and think positive. give you best to your project because you are amazingly creative! I share links to your blog all the time with my friends that like 3D projects. Man, this is a long comment - really it is more of a post! Hee hee.

I'll reply to your tag soon! Have a great week!

Lauri said...

Hey, Rochelle! Sorry to hear about your tough times! Situations like that take all the fun out of what should be an exciting, creative event! and your creations are always beautiful and such wonderful quality! Not having a space is not fun either....luckily, it is just my daughter and I and we have split the house is half...she has taken over the living room and dining room with her stuff (she is a fine arts student so we have an easel, paints, pencils, markers, laptop, etc etc etc!! plus her portfolios). I have the family room! Needless to say, we do not have people over for dinner very often..unless they llike to do art or crafts!!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh yeah...definitely, a new dining room table would blow my mojo too since my "stamping station" is the dining room!

Post a pix (if you haven't already) of your table so we can at least ooh and aah over it!

cyndi said...

ok, i dont know if i am more shocked that you lost your mojo or that you were a waitress for 11 years! or maybe that you have 6 webkinz! our family has 4..each of us has one. that is about all we can handle. we have them on two seperate accounts, one for the guys and one for the girls! i love your ideas...your mojo will find you..mine on the other hand i think has gone into permenant hiding! lol

Sara Paschal said...

I am in the same funk, this week I went back to doing some SCS challenges and this helped. Sure would make it harder if you do not have your own space where you can leave out your projects. Can't leave anything out around here our our little DD will calim it for her own, LOL!

Happy Stamp Day!

Jennifer Orbaker said...

Sorry you've been in a funk! I just love all of your creations, I can't believe one of your 3d items would be regected! That's just crazy!

I've just been running out of time to stamp lately. I am wanting to, but just have been so busy with work and the kids, and now taking classes to get my RN.

Hope your mojo comes back soon!

Sarah said...

Hope your mojo comes back soon Rochelle! I miss seeing you here and on 10sbs !