Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Egg Roll & Dining Room Table"

Here is my new "stamping room" Ha ha ha. My old table was here before we got the new one and it wasn't against the wall so I had some stamping stuff behind the table. Now I can't really do that anymore. I will figure out something though. I have most of my stamping stuff in tubs to the right of the table in a built in cubbie. Our house is small (1500 sq ft) so it is hard to find space. When we move back to MN (or anywhere else) I am getting my own space for stamping. I just have to figure out what works best for me right now. When we lived in MN we had a 4 level 2400 sq ft house with a basement. So it is a big change for us to have a small house. I can't really keep much in the garage cause that is our "basement" When we moved here we had a rummage sale and had to sell about half of what we owned cause it didn't fit in the house. So the garage is our storage room. I keep about 4 tubs out there with paper and stuff that won't get damaged by the heat and humidity.

A lot of you asked how our egg roll went this year. Thanks for asking. We had a great time. Here are the girls rolling eggs. We propped the ramp on a folding chair and let the eggs roll. We rolled 4 eggs down first so they would have something to aim for. Good Times.

Our ramp this year was an old shelf. Good thing we got the new table because this shelf was on the wall by the old table and I didn't have anything else in the garage to use as a ramp. I can remember some years growing up when my dad would grab a big cardboard box from the garage and it would have a big oil stain on it cause it was under the car. LOL Now he has a "special" ramp that they use every year. Our shelf worked great through.

Molly was the big winner this year. She won all three games. They had such a blast. They wanted to do it all day. Seriously, if you guys don't do this, you should try it. The parents have as much fun as the kids.

Here are my girls on Easter. The weather was perfect. Check out our new fence behind the girls. This one isn't going to blow down in any storm.


Melissa said...

Love the new dining table! It's super cute and a lot like my style - what good taste you have!! LOL!

I really hope that you are able to find some place for you to work soon!

A big congrats to Molly for being the big winner. She looks extremely excited about it! :)

Many Blessings,

Doris said...

Love your new dining set! Egg rolling looks like a lot of fun--your girls are adorable all dressed up like little sweet (and so rare these days.) You're building wonderful childhood memories for them!

JoAnna Goodman said...

What a gorgeous dining room table! Thanks for sharing pictures of the girls! They are all so beautiful! Congrats to Molly!

Lauri said...

What nice pictures!!!! I think that egg roll sounds like so much fun and Molly looks so excited to be the big winner!!!! Wow...your house is very small for 5 people!!! I thought ours was small!!! Thanks for the pics!!

Sandra Smart said...

I have never even heard of an "Egg Roll" before, but it looks like so much fun! Wish I would have known about it when my kids were younger! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Love your new table! Can you tell me where you got it? I am looking for one and this would suit my needs perfectly!