Saturday, November 17, 2007

"New Rubba"

I picked up my stamp club order last night from my demo. I was the hostess for our November stamp camp and I had a $600 order. I didn't get anything fun though. I only got stamp cleaner refill, gel pen, and a lot of paper. I am waiting for the new catalog in January. I really don't like much in this catalog. There is nothing that I "have to have" but I always need paper. The only new rubber that I got was three hostess sets. I picked Oh So Lovely, Party Punch, and Garden Silhouettes. I did get them mounted last night and the plan is to stamp tonight.

My demo asked me if I would be interested in taking over her stamp classes at the parks and rec in February and April. I am a little nervous. The last two classes that she had were full. Which is only 10 people but still. I have to come up with 12 projects. February's theme is Birthday and Valentine's Day. So far I have come up with three gift items and I have three card ideas. So that is 6 things. I can use retired stamps too because it isn't a "stampin' up" class and there is no promoting. I am going to wrap this up now cause I am going Christmas shopping for the girls today. When I get home, I am going to stamp till I cramp.


Melissa said...

I say go for it Rochelle! I know you can do it!


Dawn Mercedes said...

You better do it! You have such clever projects! Congrats on your haul of hostess sets!

Anonymous said...

I agree that I was unhappy with the catalog too. i was also unhappy with most of the hostess sets.