Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Rockin' Girl Blogger"

I was nominated to be a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" by Anne over at Paper Ink Pressions Thanks Anne. Now I need to nominate 5 other talented "Rockin' Girl Bloggers" Here are the ladies that I would like to nominate. In no particular order. Go check out these talented ladies.
1. Tammy over at Stamp with Tammy Tammy has a great style. I love her choice of stamps and her simple designs. Take a peek at her blog.
2. Nancy over at Cards-N-Stuff Nancy has great stories and her cards are awesome. I also love her style. It reminds me of mine. lol. Check her out.
3. Melissa over at Hand Stamped with a little Langiappe I just met Melissa. She is in my yahoo group. She is very talented and her blog rocks! Her cards are so colorful and her style is great too. You don't want to miss this blog.
4. Tricia over at Just stuff by Tricia Tricia is also in my yahoo group. She is awesome. Her cards are very cool. She loves to do challenges and makes the cutest cards. She also does a lot of scrapbooking. Jump on over and take a look at her blog.
5. KimmBT over at Kimm's Daily Grace Kimm is also in my yahoo group and super talented. I am sure you have heard of her. She does a lot of elegant cards with all kinds of techniques. She also gets a lot of things published. Prepare to be impressed.

So this is my list of "Rockin' Girl Bloggers" Check out thier blogs, you will love what you see.


A. Sanborn said...

How KEWL are you!!! How'd you make your Rockin' Girl Blogger logo do that my friend?! I told you, you rocked! *wink*

I will be sure to come back and check-out your nominees, however... I have to get ready for work! *wink*

Anne :)