Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Sicky Mc Sickersons"

Like clock work two weeks after the kids go back to school from a break they get sick. I don't know what it is but it always happens. Last night Sarah got so plugged up that she actually let me put vicks on her chest and that never happens. She woke up this morning thinking that she was gonna stay home but then at the last minute she decided that she would give it a try. Good for her. Now I know what you are thinking, why am I sending my sick kid to school? Well, she doesn't have a fever and I think that she could tough it out. Plus it might just be allergies. I have the hardest time figuring out if it is a cold or allergies. When ever I take them to the doctor for a cold it is allergies and when I take them for allergies it is a cold.

Molly "thinks" she is sick too. She wants to do what ever Sarah does so when she heard that Sarah was going to stay home this morning, she started to "not feel well" Now, in her defense, she was starting to get plugged up last night as well and had the same runny nose. So maybe she is sick too. Or maybe it is just allergies. I decided to make them both cards today to let them know that I love them and hope that they feel better.
Stamps: Girlfriends, Inkadinkado (greeting)
Paper: Regal Rose, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Chip, Whisper White, Sweet Always DP
Ink: Black Stazon, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Chip
Accessories: SU Markers, Brown and Orange 5/8 inch Grosgrain Ribbon, Bling (Martha Stewart)


Melissa said...

There's nothing better than an "I love you" from mom when you aren't feeling good!

Best wishes for a fast recovery!


Christi (Cici510 on SCS) said...

I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon and I love your cards!!!

Dani said...

What a great way to make them feel special! Hope everyone gets better, great cards!

Lisa said...

This is such a HAPPY card. TFS. Lisa SBS10

JOAN said...

6That stamp is so sweet!! Great card TFS
Joan SBS10

Lisa Page said...

My 7 yr. old girl started a cold the day before school started! She doesn't have a fever and feels O.K., so I sent her to school- she's been there every day this week and gone thru mega amounts of tissues but still feels fine and no fever. I think that since the typical duration of a cold is from 10-14 days, that if there is no fever and they feel fine, then go ahead and send them to school. They can't miss 10-14 days of school right off the bat much less at any other time! Good handwashing is a must also! I will make her a card today inspired by yours- great idea! And such a cute card also. Good work on the card and at being a mommy!

Catherine said...

and you're wondering why kids gets school from school? it's because we send them back to school when they're sick...LOL! just kidding.

my DD just started school last week and i know i need to take some time off from work soon =(

hope the kids are feeling better soon. love your card

MNScrapbookmom said...

Such great cards... and cute stamps. Have a great weekend, and I hope that your girls are feeling better soon. :) ¥

JoAnna Goodman said...

Hope both girls are feeling better! Your such a sweet mom for making them cards! And, the cards are adorable!

Judy in Indiana said...

Yes, one kid sick here in central IN, 2 weeks after school started, neighbor kids are fallin' like flies!

Whimsey said...

Adorable; I love this SU set!!

~Michele, SBS10

Latisha said...

sorry to hear about your kiddos
Last year was terrible, my son was sick all the time. Partly was allergies, but there were a few kids in the class who went to school sick (I'm talking fever, throwing up, non-stop couging) I was the room Mom so I saw it all.
There is a test your Pediatrician can do to see if you children are more likely to pick up every cold virus, it doesn't solve anything but you can inform them about washing their hands more often etc (I'm sure you do this already) but its nice to know & you can tell the teacher that your child tends to pick up colds easily. The teacher my son had last year tried her best to keep him away from the sickies. He got strep throat about 7 or 8 times, it was awful.
Anyhow :)
cute cute card & I hope the kids feel better soon!