Monday, June 30, 2008

"Molly And Her Cake"

Molly's party was a big hit. We had 15 kids. It was nuts. The bounce house was super fun too. I did get in a couple times. It was pretty funny. When ever I fell I couldn't get back up, partly cause I was laughing so hard and partly cause the other kids were jumping around me that I couldn't get my balance.

I just wanted to show you the cake that I got for her. It is a cupcake cake. I had never seen these before. Are they cool or what? They are only $19.99 and this one comes with 33 cupcakes.

Now this was a total impulse buy. I totally didn't need it but it just screamed Molly. She is my girly girl. She also went through a phase where we had to call her "princess" instead of Molly. She even asked me if we could legally change her name to princess. So when I saw this I had to get it for her. She loved it. I promise I will post something crafty tomorrow, but I just wanted to show you the cake.

Oh I also wanted to say something about yesterday's post. When I said I quickly made up those goodie bag gifts. It's because I had some of them already cut and scored. I had all the scallops, circles, and scallop squares all ready punched. I like to keep stuff on hand so I can just grab what I need. When I make a gift set or candy wrapper or what ever, I usually cut and score several more so if I need one in that color later on, I already have it. So that's what I do. Don't get me wrong. It still took me several hours to complete them. Tony was at a movie so I did it when he was gone while I was watching TV.


Sandra Smart said...

really cute cakes! Hope she enjoyed her birthday!

Lauri said...

That's a great cake! I have heard of cupcake cakes but never saw one in this shape!!!

Anonymous said...

Great cakes and Molly is adorable!! Hope she had a great day!

melissa g.

Sara Paschal said...

The cupcake cake is awesome and the princess is so adorable. Such a sweet little girl I am sure she had a wonderful time with her friends.

kathleenh said...

Happy birthday Molly! This cupcake cake is the cutest thing! Wherever did you get it?

Trudi said...

You're such a good mum, my girls didn't get birthday cakes this year as Baylee was away for her birthday and Bella was too young to care. I'll have to make up for it next year. Great to hear she had a lovely day.