Friday, May 02, 2008

"Kristine's M&T"

Ok, my cool project that I was going to show you today still needs work. I thought it was going to be easier than it was. Who knows, maybe it is easy but I just made it hard. I don't know, I am going to work on it today and hopefully I can get it done and show you tomorrow.
This cute little box was Kristine's make and take that we did in our hotel in LA for stamp mania. We were all supposed to bring a make and take for us four to make. Turns out that Kristine's was the only one we did. She had us make this little box and it fits three bath fizzies perfectly.

I just saw these bath fizzies at Michael's yesterday in the $1 section so go out and get yours today so you can make this and give it to your friend, neighbor, daughter, kids teacher, or who ever.
Cut cardstock 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 score on both sides at 3 3/4 and 1 1/2 cut the flaps and make it into a box. Decorate how you like.


JoAnna Goodman said...

This make and take of Kristine's that you did turned too cute! I am going to have to try it, too. I just wished we had a Michaels's around here to get me some of those bath fizzies!

sjk said...

Cute basket. I'd never thought of putting fizzies in one before!
Sara in WI

Courtney Fowler said...

cute, cute, cute!

Anonymous said...

I'd never even heard of bath fizzies! I've been filling my baskets with peppermint patty flowers (scallop punch) the idea of a non-food item to put in them! Thanks so much for sharing this.

Krista said...

My Michael's had them 50% off!! How exciting. Think I have a completely new idea for Teacher Appreciation gifts.

Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh, a few months ago, I picked up a bunch of these at Mike's for 19cents...I really lucked out...didn't I!