Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Yard Work Weekend"

I didn't even touch a rubber stamp this weekend. We did a ton of yard work. We had no idea what to do with our side yard since we moved here. It doesn't get water over there so we couldn't plant anything. However, weeds sure did grow. We were always pulling them. We thought about putting down some bark but the bark attracts a lot of bugs and the cats in the neighborhood liked to use it for a litter box. That was what was there before. So we decided to get some decorative rock instead. It was a lot of work but we are so proud of it. Great curb appeal for sure. We went to the nursery and got a bunch of plants and a tree. We also got a tangerine tree for the back yard. So we have the lemon tree and the tangerine tree. We also planted some bell peppers (red, yellow, and green) and some tomatoes and chili peppers. It looks great. So I apologize for no card making this weekend, As you can see, I was a little bit busy. Here is a funny story I am a big DORK! Tony dumped the rock along the side yard and I raked it out. As I was raking, I noticed that everyone was slowing down to look at the yard. So I told Tony, "hey, we are a big hit in the neighborhood. Every one is slowing down to see what we are doing". Then he said, "Turn around dork, they are slowing down for the speed bump" Then we both busted out laughing. I think the 100 degree heat must have gone to my head. I totally forgot that it was there. I seriously thought they were looking at the great looking yard. LOL
Here are the before and after pictures.


Ticia said...

The yard looks great!
I came across you on my friend's blog (Simply Pink.
I was reading your about me and we have a lot in common.
I am a total 80's girl, love lots of different music. I'm a cancer and have been married 13 years and though I do love to read, my favorite are true murder.I also love comedy-stand up the best and I will NOT watch a scary movie! I just thought it was funny.
All of your cards are beautiful by the way.

Flossie's Follies said...

Your yard looks great, guess sometimes we will just need to put down the stamps.

Melissa said...

Beautiful job Rochelle!

Kristine Reynolds said...

WOW! Looks like a ton of work but well worth it. Now you will smile everytime you walk up to your house!

chinamomxtwo said...

looks great--gave me an idea for a couple of spots in my yard--what I am curious bout tho is how MUCH rock is all that--tons??

Rochelle W said...

We got 4 yards delivered. Two yards for the side yard by the fence. I think it is 55 ft x 5 ft. Then we used the rest for the front and the side of the house. And filled in some smaller spots with the last wheelbarrow of rocks. We could have gotten away with 3 1/3 yards but we didn't want to come up short.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rochelle,

I'm new to your blog, but I am loving it. I'm from Michigan and an avid stamper when I can be. Your yard looks great, and I couldn't help myself but laugh about your story.