Thursday, May 03, 2007

"My Family"

I have had a request for pictures of my girls. So here are pictures of my girls. The first one is Katie. She is 12. She is into making videos and posting them on you tube. She takes clips from her favorite shows. (Japanese Cartoons) She adds music and makes them into videos. She is really good at it too. She is also funny, and very very sarcastic. Way more than I am. She is just like her dad. She just got her hair cut so here are her before and after pictures. Her glasses are the transitions so that is why they are purple. She just came in from outside.

This is Sarah. She is 6. She is the funniest girl I know. She cracks us up all day long. She is also very OCD when it comes to just about everything. She is obsessed with numbers. She is my personal assistant. She knows what day it is, the number and the day of the week. She knows exactly when and what time all the family's appointments are. She has a memory like an elephant. She is also very very smart too. She is just like a little adult. Sarah is a huge stamper. She calls herself a junior stamper. She also just got her hair cut. So here are her before and after pictures.

This is Molly. She is 4 and will be 5 in June. She is also funny. She is a girly girly. She loves dresses and shoes. She is in preschool two days a week and loves it. She also loves to stamp. I got all the girls tote bags (from Michael's) to keep their stamps, cards, and embellishments. No hair cut for her. We are keeping her long hair.

This is my husband Tony and I. It is the only picture I have us together. It was taken a three years ago.


Dawn Mercedes said...

awwwwwww....great pix!

crazy4mycrafts said...

Beautiful family!! TFS

Michelle D. said...

Awwwwww! I've seen a picture of your beautiful Katie before (love the hair cut!), but I haven't seen Sarah and Molly before - who are so sweet and adorable! What a precious family you have, Rochelle! Thank you for sharing them with us....and please feel free to share more in the future Ü.

Susan said...

Your children are ADORABLE!!! And great picture of you and your husband!