Thursday, April 19, 2007

"I've been tagged"

I was tagged by my friend Sarah over at Craftaholics Anonymous
My job is to now tag 5 people from my favorite blogs. That is a hard one because I like so many. I also don't want to tag the same person that tagged me. So Here is who I am tagging. We've got some very very talented ladies here so check them out.
Ladies.....Tag, you're it!

1. Dawn Mercedes
2. Lori Fahrenholtz
3. Deb Lenox
4. A. Sanborn
5. Bety


Dawn Mercedes said...


Tami said...

Rochelle- it's 6:30 EST right now- come visit my blog for some news (not related to the scalloped punches). Give me about an hour to get it written and posted.

Tami said...

Rochelle- thanks for your comment and encouragement today. It is so overwhelming at times! Thanks again!

Ila said...

You've been tagged again...a little differently though..
check my blog...